S. Sasikanth
S. Lakshmi
Dr. Madan
Dr. C.K. Raju

The Background

Few like-minded professionals from different walks-of-life joined hands with the sole objective of providing assistance to the less fortunate and down trodden in our society in 1999, and thus, the birth of HELP Charitable Trust (Regd). The Founder Trustee has over 15 years involvement in serving the society in different levels. Either one way or the other, all the Trustee has proven track record in social work.

The Vision

• LiteracyCARE
• HealthCARE
• DeathCARE
• LifeCARE


The Mission

            By becoming part of this community, you are also presented with the idea of Self Development. Our ultimate mission is to promote love, peace, education, understanding, giving, compassion and togetherness between citizens and cultures of the world ; through participation of world citizens and the development of world friendships.
So do your bit in your spare moments; there will be somebody that takes heart from your story or a heart that smiles at your message