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Recent Chennai flood was horrible which made lacs of people homeless and Lifeless. While we appreciate the efforts of other volunteers from different angle, and also by the State Government, we from our part had carried out following flood relief work in addition to effective physical support during the days of rain. We are happy; the relief materials were delivered to the needy only after personally verifying by visiting the families by the VHELP team each time. The details are submitted for your information.

Maintained an expanded WhatsApp database, updated various Residents in Mugalivakkam area about the flood, forecast, and latest news received thru various sources. We were able to listen to the concerns of Residents, and stood behind them with courage and timely advice. Functioned like a Help Line for the needy Residents and extended timely help to vacate their homes due to water level rising.

On 3rd December, organized a team and started clearing the pavements and desalting the canals as there was stagnation of water due to encroachments In fact some of the team members assessed the complete problematic areas by driving in the water connecting all our colonies taking their life into risk. Their detailed assessment came handy when we were discussing the subject with either Mugalivakkam Councilor, or corporation or even the Assistant Commissioner in Alandur. Now we know the areas of encroachment, which restricts free flow of water in our Mugalivakkam. An action committee had been formed to take necessary action to remove encroachments in our area so as to avoid future floods.

Ignoring the rain and deep water, our team involved in bringing JCPs and made way to the water to flow freely from Tiruvallur Nagar all thru CRR Puram to Ashram canal. They had to face stiff opposition and arguments in several places, however they have done their job ignoring the risk to their life which resulted free flow of water, else the situation in many places could have been worse later.

4th December The team in Tiruvallur Nagar along with vHELP team visited the Councilor house and requested for permanent action to drain out the water. There had been an action plan thru a corporation team, thereby brought pump etc to Tiruvallur Nagar after digging a good road near to Bosch car service, to drain out the water. Not sure, how intelligent this action was, but we felt merely an eye wash to show the Residents that the Corporation is taking action.
Rescued 2 families from Gowri Nagar, whose house was under water. They were brought to Lalith Avenue and arranged for a temporary accommodation. Necessary timely help was extended by our team to their satisfaction.
6th December Mr Govindasamy, FORAM President made 100 food packets and distributed to the nearby starving and suffering needy. The VHELP team also roamed around the flood hit affected areas and made a survey between Saidapet, Kotturpuram to Porurlake, and approached the corporation office for remedial actions.
Mr Muthukrishnan and family, President Krishnaveni Nagar Association, delivered relief materials, food packets and clothes, to the Mugalivakkam relief camp.
7th December Krishnaveni Nagar Association came forward to prepare 2 times food, around 300 packets for lunch and another 300 packets for Dinner, which were distributed in Arumugham Nagar, CRR Puram and L&T Nagar. The above activities were sponsored by few likeminded people from the KV Ngr Association.
in KarthikBalaji Nagar, vHELP team in association with local residents made arrangements to prepare Nilavembu kashayam to prevent infection and rain related diseases to its Residents, distributed for 7 days without interruption. Similar efforts were made at Kumudham Nagar, where Nilavembu kashayam was prepared and distributed at the main road.
Ashram Avenue:

Efforts were made to break open the boundary wall at southern side of DLF complex as it was holding down the draining of water in Ashram Avenue beyond danger level.

Further few volunteers evacuated a lot of elders and women whose house were surrounded by chest deep water , using the play boat of children.

Food, milk was arranged by volunteers for many who were trapped in houses for few days.

Cows were sheltered in temporary accommodation of other members of ashram.

Drinking water and other medicine requirements were attended to by residents.

Food for children and those who stayed alone were coordinated by others who were present till end.

9th December the team distributed clothes (new & old mixed) in the above areas twice. Also the team visited the relief camp at Mugalivakkam School, distributed food packets, clothes, tooth paste etc to the needy. Also spent some time with them to address their concerns.
Made efforts to form a team in Tiruvallur to find a solution to drain out the logged water. Sought help from the local residential association, without whose presence, it was difficult to address the queries of the councilor.
10th December vhelp team organized Relief materials from a source in Neelankarai, which include food packets, new clothes like bed sheets, sarees, shorts, lungies, milk, biscuit etc. These were taken to Mugalivakkam areas and distributed amongst the affected Residents there.
Discussions continued in Tiruvallur Nagar to find a permanent solution for draining out the contaminated water there. Also made spot visits in other affected areas like Arumugham Nagar, CRR Puram, L&T Colony etc to find out ways and means to ensure free flow of water, by desilting the canals.
11th December Vhelp team organized Relief material from a source in Hyderabad, consisting Rice, oil, new clothes like Blankets, Bedsheets, garments, bread, biscuit, napkins – These had been taken to Ambedkar Nagar in Manapakkam by taking the details of the Residents, and distributed in the evening. Also distributed to the affected Residents of Main road in Manapakkam.

Taken the above materials to Indra Nagar, Kolapakkam for distribution amongst the Residents.

Identified few affected 3 families in Ganapathy Colony, and handed over the relief material package.

12th December Again visited Indira Nagar in Kolapakkam with relief materials to distribute amongst the left out families in the previous day.
13th December Vhelp team organized Relief material from a source in Villupuram, consisting Rice and Oil packets. Taken these materials to IDPL and Nandambakkam areas and distributed.
14th December With the volunteers from Tiruvallur, vHELP teamvisited the AC Alandur, Dr. Shengottayan, who extended his support to drain out the contaminated water fromTiruvallur. He connected the Exe. Engineer over mobile, put on speaker phone, and urged him to do the needful to the satisfaction of local people. Not sure, how much he may listen to tht. The AC also wanted us to submit a complaint against the erring officials of corporationin case they are indifferent in carrying out their duties at this needy hour.

Relief material of500kg Rice and oil packets delivered to AdiDravidar school at Moulivakkam as the school is one of the heavily affected areas and the children studying there being coming from very poor families.Decided to deliver all left out rice packets to them once the relief material distribution is over in other areas.

16th December Relief material rice and oil packets were distributed at an affected place in Villivakkam, SIDCO Nagar. Large number of Residents availed the distribution benefits there.

Same dayrelief materialsdistributed to around 100 corporation workers, who are affected due to rain, rice and oil packets along with available garments, in Mugalivakkam areas.

17th December Distributed relief material to few affected families in Kannadsan Nagar, Ramavaram today.

Relief materials are ready to be taken to Pazhaverkadu near Ponneri where around 400-500 residents sought our help. Fixed 20th Dec for the distribution.

Received 100 nos of mats from a Flood Relief source, which need to be distributed.

Once the rain was over, the vHELP team visited the corporation office in Mugalivakkam with the demand of pouring bleaching powder in all our streets. The action came only after our 7 visits, when the Councillor sent his son along with us to the corporation office to get the needful as the corporation officials were indifferent with our approach. The Corporation workers are not cooperative, and very little bleaching powder had been spread in few streets, leaving many streets not even touched. Taken pictures of their bias action, which may be forwarded to Alandur office.

Though some of the areas had been covered, the needful is yet to be done in several places.Unable to understand the lethargic approach of corporation officials even at this needy hour. Appears, we need to be behind to put pressure on our issues.

With regard to encroachment clearance to prevent future flooding in our area, as per the advice of our Advisory team, we have initiated communication on 10 December 2015 with:
(1) HonourableThiru K Gnanadesikan, IAS Chief Secretary to Government of Tamilnadu
(2) HonourableTmt. R. Gajalakshmi IAS Kanchipuram Dist. Collector
(3) HonourableThiru N.S Palaniappan IAS Principal Secretary to Government Public Works Department
(4) HonourableThiruR.Venkatesan IAS Secretary to Government Revenue Dept.
(5) Member Secretary, C.M.D.A.
(6) The Commissioner of Chennai Corporation
Also email communication with the Assistant Commissioner, Alandur is established.

Relevant pictures and video of all above distributions had been taken, and soft copy of the same are available to view with Vhelp office.

Prepared and circulated by S.Sasikanth, vHELP on 18 Dec 2015.

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