Marriage assistance to the needy village women
Mahatma Gandhi once told,  Villages are our back bones.  Inspite of introducing several  programs to uplift the status of our villages, the real needful is yet to happen.  Education and unemployment are controlling our progress.

 Most of the HELP Movement programs are focusing on our villages.  Let it be education, employment opportunity for women, sanitation etc, we are contributing our maximum keeping in view of our own limitations, in this connection.

One of our major program being Marriage assistance to the real needy.  The fact is that HELP Movement do not have any financial assistance either from the Government or Non-governmental body, we are able to achieve only limited success in this area.  However, we have extended help to few poor village women, enabling them to get married.

We would like to extend  help to the real needy in the villages, keeping in view of their financial  and family status for a limited cases.  The rights to honor such cases  are purely based on the decision of the Managing Trustee, and  his decision being final.

Employment assistance to needy village women

HELP Movement helps villagers, who really deprives for their  daily life-means.  In this connection we have approached few companies, who can help us.  USHA International is one among such companies, who offers help in running tailoring school with govt.recognition.  They are ready to offer sewing machines at discounted price, and they are willing to organize bank loans, in this connection.  The training school will be handled diplomatically with valid Certificates and also job guarantee for the pass-outs.

We  also offer assistance to buy cattle,  assistance for vegetable vendors, small shop etc to the needy village women.