Member Privileges:

1. a Member can avail the Trust facilities, like

  • sophisticated medical assistance at subsidized cost including CMD
  • Getting admissions in major City hospitals at subsidized cost
  • Trust would be handy for their requirement of Blood, Cateract surgery etc for him/herself and other family members
  • A member can seek the Trust help for any of his/her contacts
  • Can participate in the Trust Events, and also various programs of Personality Building.

2. Placement/Employment assistance thru the Trust Software Division for the members and for all his referrals.
3. HELP members would be available for any assistance any time
4. Gets an opportunity to participate in this movement and serve the poor based on his/her convenience, which is a mission of everybody.
5. Member & their dear ones can receive Birthday Greetings from the Trust, and based on request, we can do poor feedings etc on a case to case basis

Member Duties:

  • 1. Understand the definition of Self Development,and contribute for the same.
  • 2. Get involved with the trust activities whenever possible, without compulsion
  • 3. Whenever possible market the trust website
  • 4. Market the placement Division among IT professionals both in terms of Resumes and Companies where we can have placement business, the profit would be useful to meet the Trust project expenses.
  • 5. Add more members into the trust
  • 6. Organize projects for the needy with own interest under intimater to Trust.
  • 7. Attend Meetings of the Trust