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We are associated with the DeathCare Cell, an internationally recognized body who are involved into humanitarian activities .  In association with them, we are able to meet the requirements of accident victims.  Many a times, we are successful to organize the dead body to reach the victimís native and hand over the body to the relatives.  However, sometimes, the identity of the person being difficult, we are forced to keep the body in mortuary for the prescribed time so as to complete the legal formalities etc.

February 2005:  Provided assistance to burn 20 dead bodies (unclaimed bodies in the GH mortuary).  The bodies were taken to a funeral site near Kolathur, and burnt with adequate security.

his project was directly sponsored by Lions Club of Madras Harmony under the Presidentship of  Ln S Sreekumar during the Lionistic year 2004-05..

We also extend our support to HIV/AIDS funerals.  It is our experience that many a times, the relatives or the persons who are responsible for this keeps away from doing the needful owing the reason HIV/AIDS patient.  We have walked into such situations, and organized funerals without any hurdles.

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