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We organize Health camps in the rural areas so as to help the-
  • Old-aged, 
  • Pregnant women and
  • Children

We also organize nutrition to pregnant women.  Our camps are well organized with adequate and continued supply of medicines for the needy. 

General Health Check-up, including ChildCARE this is handled by a team of doctors, comprising Allopathy, Homeo and also Accupuncture therapy.   A panel of over 10-12 doctors, including lady doctors and child specialists used to attend the program.

Free medicines are organized for every patient.  As some of the doctors might be from the local area, it is possible for us to tie-up with him to extend the medical support to part of the patients, who may need continued support,  including injections, medicines etc.

The Nursing requirements are met by leading Nursing colleges in the city.  There will be a team of over 30 40 Nursing assistants participating our Health camp every time, who take part the entire administration of the camp.
this is handled by some of the leading Dental Research College & Hospitals in the city  Every time, over 20 Dental surgeons are attending the camp,  along with 25-30 final year students, who become the assistants in the camp.
The treatment include all latest techniques of DentalCare, including Cleaning, Filling, Extraction etc.  Many a times, they bring Mobile units to carry out surgery at the camp site itself.
The team also organize Awareness programs in the camp site to educate the public about the DentalCare requriements.


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