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HIV: Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS: Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

An effective medicine is yet to be identified for the cure of this disease. Therefore, AWARENESS programs carry high importance. We have put tremendous efforts to have proper Awareness program materials, and today, we have the following Ė

  • Could establish a link between INP Plus, an organization with affected people, who have presence in 22 States in India. For our awareness programs, they are available to educate the public, narrating their live-story.
  • Tele-film: We have organized a tele-film which runs for 2 hours. Here, we are able to demonstrate the evils of HIV/AIDS from its root cause thru a dramatic approach, which can get into even ordinary human without much difficulty, especially, this approach is beneficial to attract village population.
  • We have a team of eminent doctors and professors, who are useful for our Awareness programs. We have complete presentation materials, which can be run thru an LCD, and this material is well received in the society.
  • We have prepared a complete FAQ (frequently asked questions), which provides high value education on HIV, covering complete aspects on HIV/AIDS. This material is being hosted in our website (, under HIV/AIDS link, and everybody can view this without difficulty. We are sure, this material will give an understanding on the Doís & Doníts of LIFE so as to prevent the spread of HIV.


We do not have direct arrangements to procure medicines and supply to the affected people, however, we can guide the needy to respective government departments, or of other like minded NGOs, who can help them.

Funeral assistance

We offer funeral assistance for HIV/AIDS affected people. Interested persons may get in touch with the Managing Trustee, to avail this facility.

Rehabilitation assistance

The Trust do not have any direct rehabilitation centre to accommodate the HIV affected people, however, we are associating with few other NGOs and offer our assistance. In the long run, the Trust is planning to establish a Competency Building Centre, whereby such affected persons can be provided with Basic computer literacy and make them ready to do BPO jobs that are available in plenty.

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